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Practicing with guidance


The summer institute was a wonderful week-long immersion into the Alexander Technique allowing me to take home some well-learned and integrated concepts. The structure of the workshop provided lots of individual and small group attention making it accessible to people of all skill levels. I enjoyed being exposed to a variety of teachers with different styles and background. I especially enjoyed the atmosphere of acceptance and support created by the teachers. This workshop was the highlight of my summer and quite a bargain, as well, for all the learning and skills I gained.

L. E., Physical Therapist, Washington

The structure of the workshop: small groups, large groups, and individual instruction seems the perfect balance. I felt that I received an enormous amount of attention and positive feedback. By week's end, I felt such a positive difference in my ease of movement. I walked pain-free for the first time in four months.
M. H., Geologist, Nebraska
I am 71 years old, and this is only the second time in my life that a week-long workshop has been truly life-altering. I am sold on the Barstow Alexander Institute.
Patricia Sunderland, retired psychologist, Springfield, Kansas

I have been studying the F. M. Alexander Technique for seventeen years with Marjorie Barstow and her assistants. I have watched, with increasing admiration, the maturation of teaching skills of all the teachers at the Barstow Institute at Doane College. In four days, I found myself learning more than I had ever dreamed possible about the application of the technique both to my own activities and especially to the ineffable problem of getting along in a group.

This is a non-guru workshop, and therein lies its brilliance and effectiveness. A marvelous synergy emanates from the relationships between teachers and students. The effect is heightened by the venue; I consider Doane College to have one of the loveliest campuses in America. After class, we would watch swans exhibit beautiful use in the water!

Michael Strauss, Principal Violist, MidAtlantic Symphony, Chestertown, MD
The workshop was a very enlightening experience. It brought awareness to my thoughts and actions in a way I've never experienced before. Thank-you for sharing this technique with me.
I. R., Massage Therapist, Canada
The week of June 16-24, 2000, which I spent at the Barstow/Alexander Technique Institute, was one of the best experiences of my life! Heartfelt thanks to the entire staff of Alexander teachers for helping me expand my mind-and-body awareness. I am enthusiastically experimenting with the Alexander principles in my singing and horseback riding and in daily life in general.
A. C., Freelance Writer and Singer, Nebraska

I've been curious about the Alexander Technique for 2 years. During this time I had put off taking any action outside of reading. I needed a vacation and saw the posting for the Seminar. This was as good a time as any to actually try the Alexander Technique.

I was not disappointed on either account. It was a great vacation and a phenomenal learning experience. The Doane College site is very peaceful with ponds, swans and rolling lawns. The food and amenities were excellent and the staff made any resources of the College available with generous hospitality. The participants came from all walks of life and levels of experience with the technique. This showed a depth and universality I had only suspected was possible. Working with 5 different teachers in small groups assured that all who came found an approach that could be understood in their life. At times there were multiple teachers in a small group which presented some unique opportunities.

My favorite lesson was when someone wanted to practice a reading for church. She needed a lectern which was not in that area so, someone volunteered to be the lectern. The 'lectern' got a lesson in a static posture and the speaker got 2 lessons. One from another teacher on her use in speaking and one from the 'lectern' on her use of the lectern. A truly unique lesson that was a lot of fun to watch.

I strongly recommend this seminar to anyone who is interested in the Alexander Technique.

D. S., Locksmith, California
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