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I was impressed with what I learned. How I learned it. From whom. And with whom. A very positive experience.
L. A., Marketing Coordinator, Nebraska

The Alexander Technique makes my life possible.
B. D., Massage Therapist, Nebraska

What a rich experience! The Barstow Alexander Technique Institute definitely enhanced my prior AT training. It was great to have six different but related perspectives on the work, including sessions that looked at participants' individual interests. I'm especially glad to have been able to continue the work at home, and apply what I encountered to my daily life and dance practice.The readings and discussions were really useful, deepening insight. A truly rewarding week!

R. B., Assistant Professor, Department of Theatre and Dance, Missouri

Prior to my week at the Barstow/Alexander Technique Summer Institute I had an acquaintance with Alexander Technique. I didn't know what awaited me. Eight days and seven different teachers later I had a total new awareness of myself and how I move. Not only did I have a new awareness, however, I had helpful, hands-on information about how to evaluate my own body's particular dynamics and how to change them. This all translates into more potential for myself. How much better can it get?

R. L. S., Legislative Aide, Lincoln, Nebraska

The Barstow/Alexander Summer Institute achieves a remarkable combination of intensity and relaxation so that a great deal of learning takes place without the participants' becoming fatigued. The value of working with several instructors each with their individual emphases and insights, but none rigidly insisting on his or her own approach cannot be overstated. The opportunity to talk informally with the instructors at meals and during periods of unstructured time is invaluable as well.

The small group work is extremely effective. The Institute has made me a staunch believer in this approach to the learning of the Alexander Technique. On both a personal and professional level The Barstow/Alexander Summer Institute is one of the wisest choices for growth I have ever made.

Joe Hayes, Southwest Storyteller and Author, New Mexico



Philosophy finds its body in Alexander practice.
B. B., Professor, Pennsylvania



It was great to to have the chance to attend the Alexander Institute(AI) at Doane College last week. I feel very lucky to have been able to participate in this special event and to have had the opportunity to study with such knowledgeable and skillful teachers. The AI presented valuable information about the use of the body in a setting that allows one to take it in, contemplate it, and practice it. Since attending this institute, my level of awareness about my use has grown. I'm also noticing more about other people's use, which is not something one does in order to make a judgment about another. Rather, it's useful to have a conscious awareness of how others are using themselves so that one does not subconsciously emulate another's misuse of the body. This awareness allows one to make permanent positive changes in ones own use.

One of the changes in use I'd been wanting to make was in my walking because I had been having foot pain. The foot pain was from tendonitis and bursitis caused by walking incorrectly. I was able to get a lot of help related to this specific need that enabled me to gain insight into what I was doing and to change it. My walking has improved, and the pain in my foot has diminished greatly. If I find that I am having foot pain again, I'm able to make the necessary changes in walking and use that allow that pain to stop.

I would highly recommend this Institute and these teachers to anyone interested in studying the Alexander Technique.

L. S., Special Education Teacher, California
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