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The Barstow Summer Institute is a great experience, but don't take our word for it. Read what some of the recent participants have had to say, then come to Crete for your next vacation—Crete, Nebraska!
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The Barstow/Alexander Technique Summer Institute was the best return on any investment I've ever made.
S. T., South Dakota

Having never met Marj Barstow, I can only imagine the special qualities that brought out teachers and others back to study with her year after year after year. All six teachers possess a common thread of greatness in sharing this knowledge with patience, encouragement, and open hearts. I’m deeply thankful that I yielded to the impulse to attend the Institute. What an incredible introduction to the Alexander Technique!

I find I’m warning myself that future experiences other than the Barstow Institute may not be quite so satisfying as studying with Marj’s “progeny." Many thanks for an incredible, profound, earth-shaking, simple, basic, free-neck week!

J. McK., Physical Therapist, Colorado

This workshop can, and will, change your life and the way you use and view your body.
H. T., Tribal dance, Nebraska
The mix of student and teachers allowed for exceptional beauty of growth and learning.
M. B., College Professor, North Carolina
This was a workshop that every serious dancer, dance student, and dance teacher could benefit from.
L. N., University Dance Instructor, Nebraska
Whether you're new to the Technique or even a teacher of it, this workshop offers multitudes of opportunities for learning. I enjoyed the care and personal attention of each teacher on staff and the surroundings; and other participants made the whole experience conducive to easy movement towards my personal goals around movement, vision co-ordination.
V. W., Vocal Coach, New Zealand

What a supportive and insightful group of teachers! I had a truly inspiring time. The Barstow approach to the Alexander Technique really helped me to improve and refine my thinking process with the work. I feel like my ability to teach groups and individuals has really grown. I highly recommend the workshop to anyone, teachers or students, who want to expand their understanding of the Technique in an encouraging and beautiful environment.
Kris O’Shea, Teacher of the Alexander Technique, Denver, Colorado

The Barstow/Alexander Institute in Crete, Nebraska, at Doane College was one of the best, if not the best arranged workshops I've attended.

The superbly organized seven and half day Institute offered a variety of large and small group sessions in diverse locations. The schedule kept us alert with no time to get bored or distracted!

We met, for example, in a dorm lounge, in dorm rooms, in a class room, on stage, on a balcony, under the trees, and in a rose garden to name a few places. At times all the participants met together. Other times we met in small groups of three or four. The private individual sessions with an instructor proved to be especially valuable.

In addition to the organization of the workshop, the seven instructors each could be considered master teachers. They kept the groups on track, guided the learning with skill, and kept the focus on the topic at hand.

Combine organization and instructor skill with interesting participants and a delightful wooded setting of a lake, swans, raccoons, rabbits, birds of all kinds, and deer, plus a friendly, helpful college staff, and what more could you want? Fun? We had that too--a talent show, a trip to Lincoln, star gazing, and so much more. This Institute was first-rate!

O. Katie Elkin, Geriatric Massage Therapist and Instructor, Arizona
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